Ecodesign & Biomimicry
for Coastal Ecological Engineering

Bio-inspired unitary module

Thanks to eco-design and biomimicry coupled with coastal ecological engineering and a systemic approach to coastal dynamics, we are developing new physical devices for Integrated Shoreline Management made of bio-inspired unitary modules, with the objective of providing solutions to coastal communities that need them. The latter are generally constrained by a strong urbanization of their coasts and a strong exposure to the stakes with no immediate possibility of strategic withdrawal.


These innovative systems, the result of several years of research and development, are not opaque systems for fighting against nature (unlike dikes, groins, breakwaters and other riprap on the seafront), but ultra-porous systems, bio-inspired by the complex architecture of natural ecosystems, and transparent to hydro-sedimentary and ecological flows


We are inspired by mangroves (mangrove roots), seagrass beds, rocky bottoms and corals to design unitary modules with hybrid and tortuous internal shapes that slow down wave speed and reduce swell energy from a storm level defined as destructive for beaches and ecosystems. These patented internal shapes are made of different three-dimensional meshes that can accommodate marine life within them in addition to their main hydrodynamic function.

3D Manufacturing

To manufacture our modules, we rely on different techniques such as the latest large-scale 3D printing technologies. They offer great morphological freedom while topologically optimizing the shape of the modules to minimize the amount of raw material and maximize their structural strength.

Biocompatibility & Biofooling

Thanks to the use of biogenic and biosourced materials and the control of some of their physico-chemical parameters, our modules are colonized in a few weeks to a few months by the first links of the submarine trophic chain (sessile species, ingenious species...) and are quickly transformed into a rich and diversified ecosystem serving as a habitat and nursery for local marine species, which may be of patrimonial or halieutic interest

Dispositif bio-inspiré grande échelle

Our large scale devices are made of assembling our unit modules on several linear meters. Their macroscopic shape can be adapted and optimized for the site of implementation. Life colonizes our solution in only a few months and participates in the self-regulation of the device thanks to trophic mechanisms coupled to hydrodynamics generated by the structure.

Research & Development

Our R&D areas


Bio-physical optimization of our modules


Bio-physical experimentation in controlled environment and in-situ


Formulation of biocompatible and biosourced materials


Hydrodynamic, CFD and FEA modeling and simulations of ultra-porous shapes


Development of a state-of-the-art methodology for the bio-physical characterization of study sites and for the performance monitoring of our solutions


Ecodesign of optimized modules for other maritime applications (port, offshore, etc...)


Optimization of immersion techniques, assembly and anchoring systems of our solutions


**Technological & industrial **improvement