Our mission

LINEUP OCEAN is a startup based in Montpellier (Hérault, France) whose mission is to support and prepare coastal communities and their populations for Coastal Resilience.

Coastal resilience? It is the capacity of human societies to recover and adapt to the combined current and future impacts of climate change, natural hazards and anthropogenic pressures on the coasts.

To fulfill this mission, LINEUP OCEAN designs and develops innovative bio-inspired solutions, both aesthetic and sustainable, useful for the protection of goods and people, for the rehabilitation of marine ecosystems and for the development of eco-responsible activities depending on marine ecosystems and waves (diving, snorkeling, surfing, paddle, etc...)

These Nature-based solutions are totally opposed to classical coastal protection works, such as seawalls, groins, breakwaters, and other opaque embankments found on the sea fronts and which are precarious solutions to fight against coastal erosion, costly and without added value for coastal populations and marine life.

At LINEUP OCEAN, we don't fight against nature. We are inspired by it every day and we work together with it.

Our innovative solutions are permeable and reversible. They combine modularity, adaptability, aesthetics, environmental transparency and multifunctional performance to provide a set of ecosystem services with high added value for coastal communities (regulation, provisioning and social-cultural services).


Our solutions

Bio-inspired Coastal Resilience Solutions

Design your coastline with integrated eco-designed solutions

Studies and Project Management

Entrust us with your project from A to Z


Raise awareness and educate people of all ages about coastal issues

Our supporters

Our awards and distinctions


2019 - Regional winner of the Pépite Languedoc Roussillon prize (Pépite LR - BPI)


2020 - Finalist of the Social Cup (KissBankBank - Make Sens - La Banque Postale - Fondation GRDF) & Coup de Pouce GRDF Prize of the Social Cup


2021 - TechtheFutur Innovation Award (French Tech Med - GIGAMED - Ecole des Mines Alès - Le Village by CA)


2021 - Grand Prix de l'Océan HACKATON (Campus Mondial de la Mer - Sète Agglopôle Méditerranée)


2021 - International finalist of the Ocean HACKATHON (World Sea Campus)


2022 - Winner AVENIR LITTORAL 2022 - Coastal Plan 21
Category: Bio-inspired solutions for coastal and maritime activities (State - Occitania Region)
Cap D'Agde

Our story

Company with a mission founded in 2022,
a member of the Pôle Mer Méditerranée, the French Tech Méditerranée, and supported by the Business & Innovation Centre of the Montpellier Mediterranée Métropole,
Lineup Ocean offers solutions for sustainable coastal development based on a multidisciplinary approach in close collaboration with the highest level of French scientific research.

Born from an end-of-study project and a strong desire to combine passion and work with a positive impact on the environment and society,
LINEUP OCEAN's bio-inspired solutions are the result of several years of Research & Development and numerous collaborations in Littoral Physical Oceanography, Marine Ecology and Biology, Materials Rheology and Additive Manufacturing.

Our patented solutions accompany a change of paradigm in a major context of climate and societal evolution
by putting ecological engineering at the heart of sustainable coastal development.

Our team


R&D Project Manager
Coastal Physical Oceanography
Coastal Ecological Engineering


In charge of studies
Specialty: Coastal and marine management


R&D Engineer
Specialty: Marine biology


R&D Engineer
Specialty: Coastal Physical Oceanography

Without forgetting all the people who have contributed to the emergence of LINEUP OCEAN:

Rémi - Pauline - Violaine - Damien - Gaïa - Roman - Gabriel - Myriam - Juliette - Pauline - Akshata - Alicia - Philippe - Jim - Carla - Ali - Pierre - Thomas - Jeremy - Juliette and many others!