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Bio-inspired solutions

Are you a local authority? An actor of tourism? A manager? An industrialist or a builder? A prescriber of solutions ?

Discover soon all our products in detail for your coastal and marine projects:

  • Multi-functional bio-inspired devices for swell mitigation, ecological rehabilitation of shallow waters and ecotourism development
  • Artistic and playful modules for diving and snorkeling (Fins-Mask-Snorkel)
  • Biomimetic modules for mooring and ecological weights
  • Biomimetic modules for ecological dressing of port and maritime infrastructures

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Study and project management

You have an idea ?

Do you have a project that is close to your heart but you are not yet taking advantage of all the opportunities available to you? You want to entrust its development from A to Z to passionate experts with a turnkey delivery?

Let's discuss together your needs and discover our offer of feasibility and specialized studies to make your project succeed quickly!

Is your project particularly innovative? Our Research & Development team is at your disposal to bring you results and new solutions!

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Awareness of the coastal and marine environment

Are you a school? An association? A community or a tourism actor?

Do you want to raise awareness and educate a public of all ages** on the preservation of the seabed and beaches as well as on adaptation to coastal risks and climate change? Do you wish to support your spatial recomposition policy in your territory?
Or simply to change mentalities and educate future generations?

Let's discuss your needs and create a tailored outreach program for all types of audiences and educational levels!

Want to get some fresh air and take action to preserve the coastline?
Discover also our field trips and our participatory science programs!

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